CPC - Parking Preservation

Update 04/24/2014 – This was an April Fools’ Day Joke. A credit to our team if you believed it.

For the past 6 months, we have been working to try and save buildings in Cincinnati. We’ve done so through events, meetings, community outreach and just generally creating goodwill towards preservation in the city particularly around old buildings.

We’ve been wasting our time.

Because while we’ve been out harping on how important historic buildings are to this city, we’ve been missing the real asset in danger: parking lots.

And so we’ve decided to change our goals to be centered solely around parking lots in the city of Cincinnati.

Because without all the parking lots, where will the cars go?

  1. Just about died laughing when I saw that video, which was recently reposted to the Strong Towns site. Was pretty positive this was offered as parody, and darned good one at that.

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