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Welcome, friends. Thanks for taking part in the collective effort to save historic buildings in Cincinnati. We’d like to outline what our objectives are and a¬†general road map for our success together.


Our primary goal is to prevent historic Cincinnati buildings from being torn down. All of our other goals are an extension of or contribute directly to this mission. Each month, we will get together and provide a progress report. We break the year into four quarters and some of our first quarter goals are: raise $5,000, increase web/social/email presence, host a certain number of events and primarily to save or impact one building by March 31st. Each month, we update the collective group on these goals, set new goals and discuss the best way to move forward.


Our meeting schedule can be found on our events page


More to come in the near future. Thanks for joining us.

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  1. Great new engagement initiative — we’re in. — Port Authority & Land Bank

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